Camp Walker BSA Troop 137

United Kingdom Trip 2019


(weather in England, Scotland, and Wales)

This web page is dedicated to the events leading up to, information about, and communications for the level II trip to the United Kingdom (England, Wales, and Scotland) coming up June 28 - July 15, 2019.  The UK Committee will help and guide participants in preparations that will lead up to this trek, host other preparations that will help us 'be prepared' for this scouting experience, and continue to lead in the U.K.  The UK Committee (Hugh Montgomerie, Jeff Green, Rich Grayson, Craig Burford, David Grayson, Richard McLawhorn, Harry Fisk, Daniel Young, Andre Brousseau, Allen Henry, and James Green) is made up individuals and supported by those very experienced specifically with UK and other overseas travel and experiences.  We are working hard to make this a fun and memorable trip.

Below is information that is pertinent to this trip (on-going, visit this page regularly).

23 Mar., 2019, JRG