Water World IX

Center Hill Lake is invaded by Scouts for advancement and fun...

Congratulations to Mr. Beasley for the leadership in the Troop's biggest-ever WaterWorld camp. Thanks also to Mr. Tambellini, Mr. Pamplin, our boat captains and all the parents that came forth to be a part of the program and make it all happen. A wonderful experience for all.

Also, thanks to Jeff Mohr, the owner of a local restaurant, for allowing us to have delivered to his establishment 47 cases of food in preparation for Water World. Jeff Mohr was especially helpful to allow us to store the product in his walk in coolers and freezers. His staff, though a bit inconvenienced, was cheerful and friendly and did this for no other reason but to help out our troop.

Our congratulations to Eagle Benjamin Ennis on receiving his award which was presented on Saturday evening beachside.

28 Nov 2009