In Search of Treasures

The Southern Loop - Level 1 Trip

July 18 – 25, 2009

Updated March 16, 2009

Frequently Asked Questions – See Further Down This Page

Costs for the Trip

Costs for the trip are being finalized, but will be similar to last year's trip costs ($300-400 per person).

These costs will cover transportation, lodging, meals, and destinations. Parents will likely want to send additional money with their scouts for things such as souvenirs, vending snacks or drinks, additional money for food beyond what the trip costs will cover, etc. (More information about the extra funds addressed below in FAQs.)

Tentative Itinerary
(subject to change of course)

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What should we pack?

Here are a few items you can begin to think about packing. We will have limited space for gear so we want to go light. Ideally, each of us should have just two items—a bag (soft-sided baggage packs tighter in the vans) and something to sleep on. Getting all your sleep gear in the one bag would be even better.

2. What about food?

Yes, we will eat! Hoo-ah!

Breakfasts: Most mornings, we will eat breakfast before heading out for the day’s activities. We will have assorted cereals, muffins, milk, juice, and fruit.

Lunches and Dinners: We will be eating out or pack a sack lunch for all meals, and we will try very hard not to offer/eat junk food all week. We will try to find places that offer a variety of foods and encourage the Scouts to eat well-balanced meals.

PLEASE begin explaining to your Scout the basic rules/etiquette of tipping at restaurants. (On past trips, some Scouts have stiffed some waitresses, and we don’t want to do that).

Food Subsidy: A large portion of the trip fee is returned to each Scout in the form of a food subsidy. Each morning, everyone will be provided $10 for lunch and $15 for dinner we will be buying that day (adults too).

For most meals, $10 will cover the cost. For some meals - like at the aquarium - it may not. For younger, smaller Scouts, the subsidy may cover all the costs. For older, bigger guys, however, the subsidy may not be sufficient to cover their appetite. Parents should decide how much additional food money to send with their Scouts.

FYI: each scout keeps the meal money even if they spend less. So, if a Scout gets $10 for lunch and $15 for dinner but only spends $7 for lunch, he will have $18 available for dinner.

By providing the daily subsidy, we hope to encourage responsible money management without risking someone blowing all the week’s cash in a day or two. Please begin talking to your Scout - especially if you have a younger one - about planning and budgeting. If they get $25 in the morning to cover lunch and dinner, spending $14 on lunch with two milk shakes isn’t prudent. Again, as noted earlier, they need to budget for tips as well. Its a learning process.

3. Where are we staying?

We will be staying at various locations (military barracks, in a museum one night, etc.

4. Will the scouts be assigned to patrols?

We will be using the patrol method during the trip. A Senior Patrol Leader and multiple Patrol Leaders will be selected closer to the date of our trip. The Patrols will be kept small to make it easier for the Patrol Leaders to coordinate/organize their guys.

The idea of the patrol method is to maximize the opportunity for things to be Scout-run and for leadership experience. As always, Scouts should discuss their questions or concerns first with their PL, then the SPL, and finally the adults. In turn, if adults want the Scouts to do something, we will first go to the SPL, then the PL’s, and then to the Scouts directly.

5. When will we wear Class A and Class B shirts?

When we leave, all Scouts must be in Class A shirts - tucked in - with khaki or denim shorts/pants. We will wear Class A’s until we get to our evening destination. Scouts will also likely wear the Class A shirt later in the week. That decision will be made between the adults and the trip’s senior patrol leader.

The class B trip t-shirts will be handed out as soon as they arrive. They make it much easier to keep track of each other in crowds if we’re all wearing the same color.

 The trip’s Senior Patrol Leader and Patrol Leaders will decide which day we will wear the second class B shirt. (Other Troop 137 Class B t-shirts, if you have them, are fine to wear the other days of the trip. Clearly, not all Scouts have an ample supply of other Class B’s, so its okay to wear other appropriate shirts.)

6. What about extra money?

The Scouts may want to bring money for extra meal costs, souvenirs, and/or snacks on the road. Parents may give any additional money to the Scout to manage or to our designated banker for the week to distribute daily.

If you want to give money to the banker, please:

It is imperative that the extra money be handled this way as we will be distributing regular meal money each day plus the extra money to many other scouts.

7. What about medications?

Please complete the Medication Form linked below if your Scout needs to take medications during the trip. Put the form and the medications inside a plastic Ziploc bag with his name on the outside. Please give the bag(s) to Doug Kinsey as we pack the vans on departure day. The Medication Form can be downloaded and printed from here.

8. When will we pack the vans?

We will meet at the Barn on Friday, July 17th at 6:00pm to pre-pack the vans and make sure we have everything we need. We will have picked up the vans earlier in the day, and we will have all of our transportation there. Our meeting time has not been decided. It will be communicated by e-mail.

Please bring all your items to pack – including your bag and sleeping gear. If you are going to carry a small bag with you while we drive, bring it on Sunday when we leave.

Saturday is also the day when medication forms (& medicines) and money envelopes should be turned in.

Our goal will be to get everything ready Friday evening so that Saturday morning we can simply take roll, hop in the vans, and go treasure hunt!

9. Who will ride in which van?

We have thee patrols and two vans for the Scouts. So obviously, they will not be riding by patrols. The Scouts can choose which van they want to ride in for each day when we load up. Once we head out though, scouts will not change vans. If people are changing vans, it would be too easy to lose track of someone.

Adults in each van will do a head count every time we get back in the vans - wheels do not roll until everyone is counted and seat belts are secured.

10. What time will we be leaving?

We will meet at the Barn at the announced time, take roll, discuss certain scout responsibilities and adult expectations, hold a final question-and-answer session, and will depart shortly therafter.

11. What time will we be returning?

Our arrival time is not yet determined, but will likely be either noon or 5:00 PM (depending on the last day plans). As we approach within an hour of arrival, we will have the Scouts start calling home to give people a clear estimate of when we will make it to the Barn.

12. Behavioral expectations

Each Scout will be representing Boy Scouts of America, Troop 137, and the city of Franklin. As such, each Scout is expected to follow the Scout Law. In addition, Scouts are expected to respect the leadership of the Patrol Leaders, Senior Patrol Leader, and adults accompanying the trip. Disrespect of others, bullying, theft of another scout’s property, vandalism, bad language, etc. is not acceptable Scout behavior and will not be tolerated if it happens on the trip.

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