E Pluribus Unum

Washington DC - Level 1 Trip

July 1-6, 2011

Updated April 06, 2012

Itinerary Planned

Who May Go?

This trip is available to all Troop 137 scouts. Please sign up as soon as you know you are planning to participate on this trip. We will leave the registration open until June 28, but would like to have a good idea before that date how many are planning to go, just in case we need to look at changes regarding transportation, etc.

Costs for the Trip

Cost of this trip is $290 per person. The cost will cover meals, subway tickets, and tickets to the places we visit. Participants will need to bring money for souvenirs and additional snacks they may want to purchase.

A $90 deposit will be due by the June 28 Troop meeting. The remaining payment schedule is for an additional $100 due by July 1 or 2 when we leave, and the remaining $100 due by July 19. We would like to have all amounts paid by July 19, but please let us know if we need to work out a special arrangement on the payment schedule.

These costs will cover transportation, lodging, meals, and destinations. Parents will likely want to send additional money with their scouts for things such as souvenirs, vending snacks or drinks, additional money for food beyond what the trip costs will cover, etc.

Leave & Return Details

Exact details are still being determined on when we leave and arrive back in town. We will plan to leave on the evening of July 1 or early morning of July 2 and will return to Franklin late in the evening of July 6 or the morning of July 7. These times will depend on whether or not we spend the nights of July 1 and July 6 somewhere between Franklin and Washington DC. Travel will be by van.


During the trip, we will be staying in barracks at Ft. Meyer. There will be beds available but depending on how many go, some may need to sleep on air mattresses on the floor of the barracks.

Medical Forms

This trip is over 72 hours so we will need to have Part A, B, and C of the BSA medical form from participants. If you filled out all of these parts for Boxwell or other trips this year we will have those forms available for this trip.


Questions can be addressed to Gene Lane, Craig Burford or Rich Grayson (email addresses are on the Portal under Adult Roster). Gene has worked on coordinating activities for this trip, but will not be able to go on the trip. Craig and Rich as well as some other adult leaders are planning to go on the trip. Questions about this event may be directed to the event coordinator Richard-Grayson wrgrayson@aol.com.

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