Pamlico Sea Base

Level 2 Trip

July 16 – 25, 2010

(Information here updated August 2, 2010)

More information about Pamlico Sea Base is available at their site.

Admiral's Log of Troop 137 Armada Adventures
July 16-17 - En Route July 21 - The aroma of burgers and attack of the skeeters
July 18 - On to Seabase July 22 - Up the Bay and Over to Ocracoke
July 19 - First Day at Sea July 23 - Back To Base Camp
July 20 - The Armada Rows to Fish Camp July 24 - Carowinds and Home

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Trip Requirements

- Be at least  age 13 as of January 1, 2010

Swim Test - All participants will be required to pass the BSA swim test as a “Swimmer” by a certified BSA Lifeguard, Red Cross Lifeguard, or Red Cross WSI. Troop 137 will again offer swim tests in Spring 2010 (dates to be announced). All are encouraged to complete the certification then vs. having to do it after arriving at Pamlico. Participants are not required to have the Swimming merit badge; however, they are required to pass the "swimmer" level certification - scouts and adults.

Annual Health and Medical Form - Every participant (scouts and adults) is required to have a medical evaluation within 12 months of our July trip date. The official BSA Annual Health and Medical Form  must be completed, and a copy should be provided to Chase Whitaker. A copy of the participant's insurance card needs to be attached. Participants who arrive without the proper, signed, current, medical form will not be allowed to participate. 

Experience - No experience is necessary for the kayaking trip. Sunday afternoon will be spent introducing everyone to kayaking skills and safety. When the  trip starts on Monday morning, Pamlico's staff will continue with follow-up and continued individual coaching. Anyone can kayak!

Remember the most common participant quote you'll either hear or say: “This trek is 90% mental and 10% physical.”

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What to Take?

- The Sea Base provides all necessary equipment for this program with the exception of personal gear.

Personal gear - A recommended personal gear packing checklist is available on Troop 137's website. The key word to keep in mind in  packing for the week is "LIGHT". Whatever gear is taken will have to be stuffed in a Pamlico-provided dry bag and secured inside your kayak. Each night will be spent camping on the beach or near the shoreline (Pamlico will provide tents.) Furthermore, all gear for approximately 20 people has to fit inside the vans we are taking.

A couple of things to consider when packing:
For Friday and Saturday nights BEFORE and AFTER the kayaking week, a sleeping bag, personal toiletries, and appropriate clothing will be needed for overnight stops and daytime activities.

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Where Are We Going?

Kayaking Routes
- Sea kayaking routes take place in the Cape Lookout National Seashore within the protected waters of the Core and Pamlico Sounds of North Carolina. All routes are chosen by the crew (you!). Tents, stoves, meals, cooking equipment, dry bags and all padding equipment are provided.

During the course of your week you’ll have the opportunity to see the wild horses on Shackleford Island, Cape Lookout and Ocracoke lighthouse, and abundance of sea life, deep sea fishing, sound fishing, clamming, surf fishing, Cape Lookout Studies Program, ocean kayaking, Cedar Island National Wildlife refuge, and much more!!!!

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What Is Our Schedule? (updated 2010-03-31)

Friday - July 16 - 2:00 PM - leave the barn and travel to National Guard Armory  in Clyde, NC  (near Asheville) for overnight stay - approximately 300 miles
Saturday - July 17 - 8:00 AM - leave for  Camp Lejeune U.S. Marine Corps Base (breakfast & lunch along the way) - approximately 400 miles
Saturday - July 17 - 4:00 PM - arrive Camp Lejeune, self-guided tour, and dinner in mess hall. Overnight stay at nearby Trinity United Methodist Church in Jacksonville, NC
Sunday - July 18 - 7:30 AM - back to Camp Lejeune for breakfast and then drive to Pamlico Sea Base - approximately 75 miles
Sunday - July 18 - 1:00 PM - Pamlico check-in, secure camp for the evening, kayak training
Monday - July 19 through Friday - July 23 - Sea kayaking and beach camping!
Friday - July 23 - 4:00 PM - depart Pamlico, dinner along way and travel to National Guard Armory in Lexington, NC  (near Greensboro) for overnight stay - approximately 230 miles
Saturday - July 24 - Leave Lexington for Charlotte NC to Carowinds theme park - approximately 70 miles
Saturday - July 24 - 4:00 PM - travel to National Guard Armory in Clyde, NC for overnight stay- approximately 150 miles
Sunday - July 25 - Breakfast and head from North Carolina to Franklin - approximately 300 miles

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How To Prepare

Physical Training - Sea kayaking can be physically challenging. It is highly recommended scouts and adults arrive physically capable of enjoying the trek. Although you  can start kayaking without any preliminary physical training, your body will appreciate a few good stretches and some strength-building exercises.
Include exercises that target some specific paddling muscles such as biceps, triceps, forearms, torso, and lower back. Since all paddling requires strong wrists,  also consider strengthening your wrists by squeezing putty or a tennis ball for a few minutes several times a week. Energetic walking, swimming, or bike riding will add a great deal to your paddling fitness and overall strength. Kayaking requires a high level of cardiovascular fitness. Although you don’t use your legs much in kayaking, they’re the best muscles to exercise the heart.

A recommended fitness guide is available on the Troop 137 website.

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Trip Behavior Expectations

Conduct Policy - The majority of the property and facilities used by the Pamlico Sea Base are either privately owned or operated by the National Park Service. Scouts and adults participating in this trip will be representing Troop 137, Mr. Green, and the city of Franklin. For this reason, every participant who attends is expected to act in accordance with Scouting values and principles. Any individual  that does not do so will be asked to leave the Base Camp or  the sea route they are on at the time and return home at their family's expense.  

Alcohol & Illegal Drugs - Alcohol beverages are not permitted on camp property or while participating in a sea kayaking trek. Anyone violating this policy will be asked to leave or evacuated from their trek at their own expense following outlined conduct policy. All drug and alcohol laws of the State of North Carolina are strictly enforced.

Tobacco Use - In accordance with BSA recommendations, the use of tobacco products is undesirable. Adults are requested not to use tobacco products in the presence of scouts. The use of tobacco products in any camp facility (including camp tents) is strictly prohibited.

Fireworks - In accordance with BSA policy and Cape Lookout National Seashore, fireworks of any kind are prohibited.

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