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Troop 137 Merit Badge University Info

Will the Troop Be Offering Merit Badges?
Yes.  Merit badges are part of the overall BSA Troop advancement program.

What are Merit Badge Universities?
Merit Badge Universities are put on by Scout leaders around the Middle Tennessee area to give Scouts the opportunity to earn merit badges. Some of the merit badges (MB) are rarely taught; this gives the Scout an excellent opportunity to earn merit badges.

Who do I contact about upcoming Merit Badge Universities?
Email or call the person listed on the Contacts page for Merit Badge University Organizer. All MBUs will be announced at Troop meetings and via Troop email.

Why are they taught at Universities?
The merit badges are taught at Universities to give Scouts an opportunity to visit the different universities around the state. The faculty and facilities of these universities are great resources for many merit badges.

Which Merit Badge Universities does our Troop attend and when are they?

How do I signup for a Merit Badge University?
An email will be sent to the Troop email list a week or so before signups begin. All signups will be taken at the Barn and the fee must accompany signups. Merit Badge Universities usually cost around $12-15 and include lunch and a patch, and all instruction and materials for the badge.

Drivers are needed for every MBU. Please volunteer to drive!

Emails sent before the MBUs will show the merit badges offered and the cost for the MBU. You will typically need to select the top three MB's that you want to attend. SIGN UP EARLY. There is no guarantee that you will get the MB which you want or if you will be able to attend.   However, Scouts typically get what they request for if they register immediately.

What is the a cost?
The cost covers all instruction, all materials, a patch, and lunch. At Cogioba, Scouts are given a brown bag lunch; at MTSU the Scouts can eat all they want from a large buffet with many different choices. The cost is typically $12-$15. Often Scouts appreciate having a few dollars for a drink or snack from vending machines as well.

How do boys get to and from the MBU?
Volunteer adult drivers pickup a carload of boys at the barn early in the morning, drive to the MBU, and then drive the boys back to the barn in the afternoon. Usually we leave around 6:45am and return by 5:00pm. Driving to an MBU does not obligate you to wait on-campus all day, although you are free to use the campus library or computer facilities if you wish. Please volunteer to drive!

What do scouts wear to the MBU?
All scouts must wear full Class A uniform to all MBUs. That means the khaki shirt complete with all rank, patrol and troop emblems sewn on. It means wearing decent pants (official Scout pants, khaki or dark green twill pants, or clean nice jeans with a belt and shirt tucked in) all day. Under no circumstances are scouts to wear gym pants, shiny athletic pants, or sweats.

A Word about Eagle Badges and MBUs
The Troop strongly discourages taking Eagle-required merit badges at Merit Badge Universities (except the Barn MBU) due to the uncertain quality of instruction on these critically important badges. Any Eagle-required merit badge done at an MBU must be reviewed by the registered MB counselor in the Troop upon return to ascertain that the Scout truely learned the material. Over the course of a year, typically eight Eagle-required merit badges will be offered by Troop counselors. Keep a close watch on Troop email for information about these badges being offered. See the Advancement page for more details.

20 Feb 2018 JRG