Troop 137

   Boxwell Summer Camp 2018   

Sunday, June 17 – Friday, June 22
Want to take a tour of camp? Go to Virtual Boxwell.

Reasons to send your Scout to camp:
86% try something they have never tried before.
80% participate in decision-making.
78% feel they have accomplished something.
69% reflect on their relationship with God.
68% participate in a Flag Ceremony.
Campers will experience adventure, advancement, camaraderie, make memories and mostly – HAVE FUN!

For information about camp — costs, procedures, options, deadlines, and so on — is in the parent letter found under this event in Troopmaster.  If you have any questions, either now or anytime up to the start of camp, please contact Mr. David Grayson via email or check with her on a Troop meeting night at The Barn.

The sooner Scouts register for camp, the more likely it is they will get the activities and schedule they request. So, please register as soon as possible. To register:

  1. Access the online registration for Summer Camp through the TroopMaster.
  2. Print out a copy of the summary page when you have selected the program and class choices.
    • Attach a $50 deposit (checks should be made out to BSA Troop 137).
    • Attach a photocopy of your medical insurance card.
    • Attach a completed Troop Agreement Form.
  3. Bring all of this to the Barn and give it to our Summer Camp Coordinator.

You will be able to re-visit the Troop Portal at any time to check on the status of your Scout's registration.


Each year we need 6-8 adult leaders to attend camp (cost free) to help organize and supervise the Scouts. We call this work, but it is actually an excuse to have fun—you get to spend the week camping with your own son, you get to know lots of other great Scouts in the Troop, and there are activities available just for the adults.

If you can spend the week at camp this year, please access the online registration through TroopMaster. When you access the Summer Camp registration using an Adult identity type, the registration process is very short reflecting only the questions needed for adults. Adults must still provide a copy of their medical insurance card and will be required to complete and submit a medical form.

Beyond the adults who will lead camp for the week, we also welcome adults who can come for a night or two during the week. When we get closer to the start of camp we will ask for the names of adults who can come up for a day or two. Please use TroopMaster to sign-ups for these shorter commitments.

All adults who need to use a CPAP at camp for sleep disorders need to let us know. We need to make sure that the camp staff is aware of our electrical outlet and extension cord needs.


Complete and up-to-date medical forms are required for all Scouts and adults attending Boxwell. These are not needed when a Scout registers, but must be submitted to Mr. David Grayson no later than May 20 (earlier is always better).

All Scouts and Adults must submit the current Annual Health and Medical Record - A, B, and C.

Please try to get your medical forms completed by your own physician, if possible. The form can frequently be handled via mail or fax if a Scout has had a regular check-up in recent months.


For basic safety, Boxwell requires every Scout and adult who will be going in or on the water to complete a swim test. This is required to swim at the pool, swim in the lake, and to go water skiing, canoeing, wake boarding, kayaking, sailing, or motor boating. Based on the swim test, each person will have “swim tags” at both the pool and the waterfront. You have to present your tag to participate in any water activities.

Boxwell allows NO EXCEPTIONS to the swim test requirement. So, even if you are on a swim team or have earned the swimming or lifesaving merit badges, you still need to complete the swim test each year. And, yes, adults going in or on the water must take the swim test too.

The staff at Boxwell will conduct swim tests, but there are often LONG lines the first day of camp. To avoid this, we may schedule a night or two later in the Spring (with an appropriately certified leader) to conduct swim tests either at the YMCA or Williamson County Recreation Center. If possible, we want to get everyone tested before leaving for camp, so if these swim tests are announced, please try hard to get your Scout there.


If a Scout will be taking any medications at camp, you will need to complete the Medications online form in the Portal, and then printout the Medication Card to be signed by parent and physician. This can be submitted anytime up to the day we leave for camp, but completing it early ensures you have time to obtain the physician signature. At camp, all medications will be held by a designated adult leader and made available at the appropriate times as indicated in the Portal sign-up process; please ensure that the medication information is accurate and current.


If a Scout will be leaving camp during the week—for a family event, a sports event, or so on—please complete and submit the Scout Release Request.


There are still more forms you may want:

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