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Troop Fundraisers

Why do we have fundraisers?

To help offset the cost for Scouts (summer camp & other trips), Troop equipment maintenance, and materials used for the troop program (e.g. ropes, etc.).

How many fundraisers are there?

Typically two: Scouts individually sell Christmas wreathes and the Troop collectively sells Christmas trees during the holiday period.

Why two fundraisers?

The Christmas wreathes primarily supports the Scouts costs for summer camp.  If the Scout sells ten (10) wreathes he receives a $50 discount from the cost of summer camp.  In addition, the Scout is credited $5 to their "Scout Account" for each wreath sold.  A Scout may use the funds in his Scout Account to pay for BSA events like summer camp, trips, BSA high adventure, etc.  (Note:  as of 2014, the BSA does not allow 'Scout accounts' to pay for equipment, gear, or similar items even if used on Scouting events.

The Christmas Tree Sale supports the cost of running the Troop.  Scouts and Parents must assist at the Christmas Tree Lots during the period from the day after Thanksgiving to as late as the Sunday before Christmas Day. We operate three Christmas Tree Lots each year and it requires everyone's help to successfully complete this fundraiser.

21 Nov 2016