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Climb Nashville

Ski Trip


Spring Camporee

Carnton Plantation

Whitewater MB

Summer Camp

Fishing MB - June

Level 1 - St. Louis

Honey Harvest

Level 2 - Glacier Natl Park

Troop Garden Sale

Water World IX

Fishing MB - August

Fall Camporee

Christmas Tree Sales

Raccoon Mountain Caverns

Troop Merit Badge University

Court of Honor

Sugar Mountain Ski Trip

HAM Radio Classes

Nuclear Science & Lost Caverns

Shiloh Reenactment

Bike-Hike Campout

101st Airborne Visit

Hobbs Cabin Backpack

Tenderfoot Camp

Spring Camporee

Summer Camp

Level 1 - Southern Loop

Level 2 - Philmont

Water World X

Honey Harvest

Fall Camporee @ Camp Walker

Merit Badge University

100th BSA Birthday Party

Sugar Mountain Ski Trip

Tenderfoot Campout

Franklin Hike

Rope & Lashings Camp

Viking Patrol Campout

Summer Camp

Level 1 - Bluegrass Sneak

Level 2 - Pamlico Sea Base

Water World XI

Win at County Fair

Hall of Leadership Induction

Horsemanship MB

Council Jamboree

Raccoon Mountain Caverns

Montgomery Bell Backpacking

Spring Camporee at Latimer

Tenderfoot Campout

Grimes Canoe Base

Summer Camp

Level 1 - Washington DC

Level 2 - Boundary Waters

Water World XII

Fall Camporee at Grimes

Fall Walker Campout

Winter Campout

2004 2005 2006 2007

Junior Leadership Training

John Green's Birthday

Trip to England

Summer Camp

Submarine Trip

20-Mile Hike

Sean Lanahan's Eagle Project

Stone Door

Savage Gulf
Raccoon Mountain
Court of Honor Feb.
Troop MBU
Troop Garage Sale
Sea Base
Honey Harvest
Summer Camp
Waterworld VI
5 Mile Hike
JLT Training
Confederate Memorial
Cooking MB
Harpeth Cleanup
Court of Honor Sept.

Troop MBU

Sleep with the Sharks

Space Camp

Religious Award Mass

Viking CampORee

Summer Camp

Level 1 - Summer Amusements

Water World VIII

Big South Fork Backpack

Webelos Night

Savage Gulf

Horsemanship MB

And if you want to go back even further, here is the Philmont trip from 1998.

Happy 80th Birthday, Mr. Green! (2007)

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