This site was designed as a resource for Scouts in Troop 137 working on the Citizenship in the World merit badge. Citizenship in the World is Eagle required and is one of the most academic and challenging merit badges. It will take some time and effort, but Scouts should be able to complete the badge using the information in the BSA Merit Badge booklet and this site.

Scouts from other Troops are welcome to use the site as well in conjunction with a BSA-registered counselor.

To Get Started

1. E-mail me ( and let me know that you are starting to work on your Citizenship in the World Merit Badge. IMPORTANT: Scouts must be at least First Class to complete this Merit Badge.

2. Pick up a copy of the BSA Citizenship in the World Merit Badge booklet. This site supplements the information in the booklet—you will need both the booklet and this site to complete the work.

3. Print out a copy of the Citizenship in the World Worksheet. You will record your information and get the requirements signed off in this Workbook.

4. Begin working through the seven requirements:

-    each requirement has a separate page—simply use the buttons at the top of this page to choose the requirement you want to work on

-    each page begins by pointing out the section in the BSA Citizenship in the World Merit Badge booklet that corresponds to the requirement— begin by reading these pages

-    then work through the information and links provided

-    finally, record your answers on the Worksheet

-   as is noted at the top of the Worksheet, you are asked to meet with me and discuss the concepts once after completing requirements 1+2, once after completing requirements 3+4, and once after completing requirements 5 to 7 (simply email me or talk to me at the Barn when you are ready for these informal discussions)


At any time, if you have questions about the requirements or about the issues raised, you can either email me or catch me at the Barn.

So, if you aren’t sure what is expected or being asked in a particular requirement, or you are having trouble locating some of the needed materials, or you are confused about some of the concepts, or you just want to discuss the concepts, please ask.


Feedback is welcome. If you find broken links, or have advice on things that ought to be added, removed, or amended, please let me know —

Welcome. This is a working site for students, with information on study tips, internships, careers, and attending both graduate and law school. All specific course content-- syllabi, assignments, and so on-- are available to students with the D2L system. 

On the "Political Links" page, please find political news and research links.

And, on "Stuff I Like" page, please find wide-ranging links related to my own interests 
(outside of politics)-- gifted education, nature, gardening, food, and science. 


The MTSU Library 
Access the card catalog and the full range of material available through the "Research Gateway."

Plagiarism: What it is and How to Recognize and Avoid it This site includes excellent examples of what is and is not plagiarism.

University Writing Center 
For free help improving and polishing writing skills.

The MTSU Writing Page 
This site includes manuals for both APA and MLA citation styles.

Tips on Lecture Note Taking

Tips on Study Skills

How to Write a Critical Review 
This site provides a good overview of how to write a review of a book or a scholarly article.

Strunk and White's Elements of Style

American Heritage Dictionary

American Heritage Book of English Usage

Roget's II: The New Thesaurus

Bartlett's Quotations

Simpson's Contemporary Quotations

"No man's knowledge here can go beyond his experience."
-John Locke

The Department offers a number of valuable internship opportunities:

- PS 4040: Pre-Law Internship 
(see Dr. Willis - applications taken for each semester)

- PS 4270: Political Campaign Internship 
(see Dr. Langenbach - applications taken for each semester)

- PS 4290: Public Service Internship 
(see Dr. Langenbach - applications taken for each semester)

- PS 4360: Legislative Internship
(see Dr. Byrnes - applications are taken in September and early October for a limited number of full-time, paid  
   internships in the Tennessee General Assembly)

A number of organizations help students locate internship opportunities, including:

Institute for Experiential Learning 
The IEL organizes internships in Washington.




JobWeb: Summer Work, Internships, and Fieldwork


State Department Internships


Washington Center 

"Far and away the best prize that life offers is the chance to work hard at work worth doing."
-Teddy Roosevelt

If you are thinking about majoring or possible careers in political science, you might want to read both The Value of Studying Political Science and Political Science: Career Titles and Skills.

Useful sites in searching for political and government jobs include:

Careers in Government

Careers in Political Science

This site provides general job search tips, as well as major-specific information.

CNN's Working Your Degree: Poli Sci Majors Take Up Lobbying, Campaigning, and Managerial Posts

Search for jobs in the federal government.

Search for jobs in state and local government.

Metro-Nashville Department of Personnel

MonsterTrak.Com: Career Guide

MTSU Career and Employment Center

Politix Group: Jobs in Politics

State Government Jobs

State of Tennessee: Department of Personnel

"Human history becomes more and more a race between education and catastrophe."
-H.G. Wells

If you are thinking about continuing on to graduate school, you might want to read Faculty Advice for Undergraduates Considering Graduate School.

Other useful sites include:

Accepted.Com: Graduate School Admissions Tips and Samples 
Solid advice and tips on successfully navigating the admissions process.

More solid advice on why to attend and how to get in to grad school.

Gradschools.Com: Directories of Graduate School Programs 
This site includes separate directories of available graduate programs in political science, international relations, public administration and public policy, peace and conflict resolution, and urban and regional planning.

The Graduate Record Examination 
All about taking the GRE- when, where, and how.

How to be a Good Graduate Student 
Tips from a current grad student on what to expect and how to succeed once there.

MTSU Career and Employment Center

"If there were no bad people, there would be no good lawyers." 
-Charles Dickens 

If you are thinking about law school or becoming a pre-law major, the University of Richmond: Pre-Law Handbook  provides a wealth of information and advice.

Several other useful sites are:

Accepted.Com: Law School Admissions Tips and Samples

Internet Legal Resource Guide: Law Schools

Law School Admissions Council
The folks who administer the LSAT

MTSU Career and Employment Center

"It is the trade of lawyers to question everything, yield nothing, and to talk by the hour."
-Thomas Jefferson

"Politics is the most hazardous of all professions. There is no other in which a man can hope to do so much good to his fellow creatures-- and neither is there any in which, by a mere loss of nerve, he may do as widespread harm. There is not another in which he may so easily lose his soul, nor is there another in which a positive and strict veracity is so difficult. But danger is the inseparable companion of honor. With all its temptations and degradations that beset it, politics is still the noblest career a man can choose."
-Andrew Oliver

Responsibility Motivational Poster pictures

Most of the political links are on the course specific pages: PS 1010: Foundations of Government Links and PS 2020: State and Local Government Links.  A number of large,  comprehensive politics sites, however, are linked below.  Finally, see the Tennessee Politics page for links to elected officials, campaigns, and parties.



Political Science Resources

Political Resources on the Net

Political Information

Project Vote Smart

University of Michigan Document Center

LSU, Department of Political Science - Resources


Local links that I use often are listed below.  Topic/Hobby specific links are provided on the pages listed above.  If you have recommended additions, let me know.

Local Schools                                Local Media 
Activities and Sites                        Area Governments 
Local Libraries


Local Schools

Franklin Special School District
        Liberty Elementary School 
        Freedom Intermediate School 
        Freedom Middle School

Williamson County Schools 
Centennial High School 
         Gifted Education Services

Nashville Public Schools

Murfreesboro City Schools

Rutherford County Schools


Activities and Sites


Frist Center for the Visual Arts

Nashville Children's Theater

Nashville Zoo

Tennessee Performing Arts Center

Tennessee State Museum

Boy Scout Troop 137 


Local Libraries

Franklin / Williamson County Public Library

Brentwood Public Library

Nashville Public Library


Local Media



Nashville Scene

Newslink - Tennessee Newspapers

Newslink - Tennessee Television


Area Governments

State of Tennessee

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Williamson County

City of Brentwood


City of Murfreesboro

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