Troop 137

Troop 137 Eagle's Nest

Since 1980, over 100 Scouts have earned the Rank of Eagle Scout with Troop 137.  The Eagle Honor roll of Troop 137 can be viewed below.  Also, there is a large plaque with brass nameplates in the barn meeting room that displays the names of Eagles Scouts from Troop 137.  (If you know of any Eagle Scout from Troop 137 that is not on the list, then please forward their name to Mr. Allen Henry.)

The fact that a boy is an Eagle Scout has always carried with it a special significance not only in Scouting but also as he enters higher education, business or industry, and community service.  The award is a performance based achievement whose standards have been well-maintained over the years.  Not every boy who joins a Boy Scout troop earns the Eagle Scout rank; only about 5% of all Boy Scouts do so.  This represents more than 2 million Boy Scouts who have earned the rank since 1912.  Nevertheless, the goals of Scouting - leadership training, citizenship appreciation, character development, skill sets, and personal fitness - remain important for all Scouts whether or not they attain the Eagle Scout rank.

Being an Eagle Scout is being a part of a brotherhood; one that is well known throughout the USA and the world.  When you become, an Eagle it is for life.  This membership sets you apart from others in a group even among other Scouts.  This can be true for your professional life, memberships to various organizations, leadership roles, and volunteering as an adult leader in the BSA, of course.

Some universities are now offering up to $20,000 for a 4-year scholarship for Eagle Scouts and other top award earners in Scouting.  If you choose to attend college, the university or institution may match the offer or to some amount at least.  Trade schools may offer something similar towards completing a certification.  To read up on even more value that comes from being an Eagle Scout browse to this Scouting Magazine article on how Eagle Scouts are a different breed.

Date of Eagle        Name

02/01/80              Smith, Robert (Bob)

07/30/80              Irwin, H. Porter

06/09/81              Linnabary, Robert

10/06/81              Wade, Anthony

12/10/81              Lowe, Leslie L.

12/29/81              Hayes, Mike

03/25/82              Green , John M., III

04/26/82              Sullivan, Patrick

08/12/83              Oxley, David

09/10/84              Green, James R.

06/05/85              Walker, John

04/03/86              Webster, James L., III

12/22/86              Moore, Marc H.

01/26/87              Rice, David A.

07/13/87              Butler, William M.

07/23/87              Trimble, Christopher F.

10/26/87              Henderson, John H., III

12/15/87              Burns, Andrew

02/21/89              Chaffin, Thomas

02/21/89              Cloyd, James

07/19/90              Hughes, Jason

08/13/91              Evans, Christopher

11/29/91              Webster, Benjamin

01/25/93              Barenys, Michael

02/22/94              Guider, Christopher

12/06/94              Heep, Brandon

12/06/94              Wormer, Bradley

01/09/95              Whited, Bradley

04/12/95              Marshall, Logan

08/19/95              Shepler, Benjamin

12/27/95              D'Amico, Kristofer

08/08/96              Wiggers, Jason

09/05/96              Witt, Benjamin

10/10/96              Denton, John

10/24/96              Reynolds, Carey

01/23/97              Belcher, William

07/01/97              Hamrick, Michael

09/11/97              Harkai, Russell

11/06/97              Summerfield, George

11/09/97              Burns, Joshua

02/05/98              Gilliam, Jacob

05/07/98              Chatman, William

09/02/98              Hagan, Milton

03/22/99              Garrett, Andrew

03/27/99              Auer, Francis

07/01/99              Reynolds, Brent

09/16/99              KallesenKarsten

12/30/99              Diller, Joshua

01/20/00              Wood, Cade

04/13/00              Layne, John

04/13/00              Winborn, John, II

05/11/00              Crabtree, William, III

05/11/00              Miller, Matthew

05/22/00              York, Michael

07/13/00              Horton,  Richard, Jr.

08/03/00              Lazear, Robert, Jr.

08/31/00              Tesar, Alexander

10/26/00              Rhew, Jesse

11/09/00              Williams, Jason, Jr.

01/25/01              Wallace, Tyler

08/23/01              Majors, Benjamin

09/13/01              Moody, Jeffrey

10/25/01              Buchanan, John, II

12/08/01              Trimble, Aaron Vincent

04/19/02              Pagliara, Travis

06/06/02              Causer, David

06/27/02              Sims, Sean

07/18/02              Diller, Andrew

07/18/02              Lindsey, Charles

08/22/02              Reynolds, Travis

10/17/02              Auer, John

10/17/02              Johnston, Christopher

10/24/02              Hitchcock, Jason

11/05/02              Britnell, Stephen

02/06/03              Stickney, Jason

04/29/03              Wood, Rett

05/08/03              Bennett, Bryce

06/05/03              Talbot, Richard

06/12/03              Crabtree, Levi

06/12/03              Wiggers, Tyler

07/02/03              Kriebel, Robert, Jr.

07/31/03              Moody, Lee

08/05/03              Hamilton, William

08/05/03              Norman, Joshua

08/20/03              Reinisch, Steven

09/11/03              Nastoff, Jeffrey

11/06/03              Marchiori, Matthew

12/11/03              Ennis, Brandon

03/09/04              Sensing, Thomas

05/05/04              Britnell, David

07/01/04              Boling, Stewart

07/12/04              Satterfield, Jeffrey

08/11/04              Grebe, Cody

10/20/04              Beasley, Ben

12/08/04              Trimble, Michael Brandon

09/21/05              Litvack, Aaron J.

12/14/05              Lanahan, Sean

12/18/05              Layne, Sean C.

12/27/05              Martin, Jonathan D.

05/24/06              Ennis, Bryan Keegan J.

06/05/06              Tambellini, Charles M.

08/30/06              Moody, Paul

12/14/06              Britnell, Mark T.

02/06/07              Daniel, Kyle

02/06/07              Langenbach, Dietrich C.

03/15/07              Murphy, Logan N.

05/01/07              Thessin, Tyler G.

06/21/07              Aston, Steve

08/07/07              Grayson, William David

09/04/07              Boucher, Spencer

09/04/07              Henry, Jack A.

01/17/08              Donegan, Timothy J., Jr.

03/04/08              Waclawik, Jason

04/17/08              Thornton, Alexander B.

06/03/08              Ennis, Benjamin C.

07/01/08              Dodge, Phillip C.

08/01/08              Hohl, Stuart D.

09/02/08              Garrett, James Sawyer

09/18/08              Stubblefield, Clay

12/02/08              Day, Roger T.

01/06/09              Ewing, Robert Lincoln

07/07/09              Lanahan, Ryan

09/01/09              Grayson, Andrew M.

09/24/09              Compton, Bradford M.

10/15/09              Langenbach, Brennan C.

11/03/09              Daniel, Garrett A.

11/03/09              Pumpelly, Lewis T.

02/18/10              Yann, Logan A.

07/06/10              Thornton, Blair W.

11/18/10              Davis, Thomas B.

11/18/10              Lane, Nicholas

06/16/11              Bessent, William Thomas

12/20/11              Limpus, Ryan

11/17/11              Wright, Adam D.

12/06/11              Ennis, Bailey N.

02/07/12              Boucher, Garrett

02/07/12              Kiger, James Austin

05/01/12              Kinsey, Corey D.

07/11/12              Irby, Ryan T.

09/04/12              Coombs, Michael (Gib) G.

11/06/12              Barber, Reid K.

01/10/13              Whitaker, Taylor

05/07/13              Jones, Daniel S.

05/07/13              Cothron, Reed W.

06/13/13              St. Vincent, Jonathan

06/13/13              Kunz, Mario

09/03/13              Lotz, Christopher R.

09/12/13              Retersdorf, Benjamin C.

10/10/13              Feenstra, Chad L.

11/14/13              Alcorn, Sean K.

12/03/13              Gustafson, Robert L., Jr.

12/03/13              Jones, Nathanael N.

12/03/13              Luthy, Nicholas A.

12/03/13              Thompson Austin D.

12/03/13              Tambellini, Louis L.

12/03/13              Newman, John P.

12/03/13              Nichols, William B.

12/03/13              Salstrand, Benjamin C.

02/04/14              Maguire, Mackinley C.

02/04/14              Lacher, Samuel D.

07/10/14              Teague, Bryce J.

10/09/14              Garrett, Miller C.

12/02/14              ShrumBrentyn C.

03/12/15              Hastings, Justin D.

06/09/15              Burford, Samuel E.

08/13/15              Vollmer, James M.

07/14/16              Hall, Wyatt J.

08/11/16              Foster, Alex Y.

10/13/16              Tarter, Tyler

01/12/17              Alcorn, Trent

03/07/17              Hawkins, Nathaniel

08/01/17              Barber, Logan

01/09/18              Peterson, Seth

09/13/18              Cushey, Austin

09/13/18              Newell, Austin

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