Troop 137 New Member Info

Here is important info to get you started:

  1. Registration - Fill out a BSA Youth Application form for your boy to register him with the Troop.  Return this form completed to the Troop office in the trailer next to the barn since it will need a few signatures needed from troop leaders to get the registration ready for the Middle TN Council office.  Adults may also register with the Troop.  We’d be glad to have you.
    1. Troop 137 requires a $45 yearly BSA fee and is due for each member in March.  If you are coming from another unit, the fee is $25.
    2. Each scout & a parent must work a minimum of 5 shifts during our Christmas tree sales season to keep registered with the Troop.  No exceptions.  (This is how the troop earns funds that support the troop throughout the year.)  One of these may be the tree lot setup or tree unloading day the weekend prior to starting sales on November 25th.  Also, shifts must be worked across the entire time of selling as opposed to working all shifts at the end of it when sales are at their least.
    3. New Boy Scout books are available and free to the new Scout which include new rank requirements as of January, 2016.  The scout should keep up with his advancement in this book and be prepared to know the part of the book as the scout advances at any time and especially at Boards of Review.
  2. Uniforms - Ask for a ‘137‘ emblem from the troop office to be sown on the scout’s uniform.  Uniforms are available at the Jet Potter Scout store (see for more info).  If needed, some ‘donated’ uniforms are available in the troop office (see Mr. Green or one of the other troop adult leaders).  Although Troop 137 does not have an official policy for the weekly meetings a Boy Scout wearing his field dress (class A) uniform whenever possible.  You will see adult leaders wearing theirs at weekly meetings and scouting events.  Scouts are expected to have their full uniform on at all scouting events which may be changed out of later to preferably BSA (class B) related shirts.  It is important to note that all Scouts should be wearing a well-maintained uniform at all Boards of Review if he expects to acquire the rank.
  3. Procedures - Go to the following topics on to read up on much of how Troop 137 functions as a Boy Scout Troop. 
    1. Contacts
    2. Advancement
    3. Leadership
    4. Important email addresses for questions:
      1. Board of Review –
      2. Advancement –
      3. BSA training –
      4. Merit Badges –
      5. Registration –
      6. Outdoor Program –
      7. Tree/wreath sales –
  1. Calendar - Go to the online web calendar for the troop at and subscribe to it to keep in sync with troop events or simply go view the troop calendar. This is a dynamic tool that key adult leaders have access to keep it up-to-date.
  2. Troopmaster Web is our online database that tracks all Scout information, parent information, and Scouter information.  When you register your scout and/or yourself with the troop that information will be added to the database and you will soon be sent a login ID and initial password to access Troopmaster.  Once you establish your login initially, please enter as much personal contact info as you can.  For email, we discourage using a work email as these may change at some point and are often filtered so you may not receive troop emails.  A web link to Troopmaster Web can be found in the side menu on the home web page.
    1. Troopmaster is used as the main information repository and especially for the following:
      1. Rank advancement.
      2. Merit badge status.
      3. Leadership for scouts and adults.
      4. Training for scouts and adults.
      5. Event sign-up, coordination and communication.
      6. Event calendar (not to be confused with primary troop (Google) calendar available online.
      7. Merit badge counselor info.
      8. Email to troop members or for groups attending an event.
    2. Mobile version of Troopmaster
      1. TM Mobile available for Android and iPhone.  It is very useful but only displays some of the info that the web version does.
      2. The Troopmaster web site is also mobile optimized for viewing on a smartphone.
  3. Announcements
    1. These are made initially at weekly troop meetings via youth leadership (PLC).  After the SPL makes the announcement, we will send out a group email about the announcement with further details. Troopmaster is used to sign-up for troop events.
    2. Google groups is also used occasionally for troop communications.  Send an email to and we will add you to this online group or subscribe at this web link.  We sometimes use this group email to make announcements for BSA related info only although Troopmaster is being used more for this task.  This is a closed group and your email address is neither shared outside the BSA nor viewable to other members of the troop.  (We advise that you use a personal email address and not one that is used at your work or other email addresses that may get filtered out given occasional attachments of files.)
    3. When registering please include your cell phone.  Troop leaders will occasionally send text messages to adults give timely updates, info, or similar messages that can get to you when you can’t take a phone call or check your email.  This could especially be helpful during different scouting events for up-to-date notifications.
  4. Resources - The troop has many Scout troop resources Mr. Green makes available at the barn.  Please ask an adult leader for more information or visit the troop web site.  We also have an ‘awards display room’ as well as a library where we have many Scouting and leadership books to check out including merit badge books.
  5. Youth Protection Training - All registered adults with the troop must take the BSA Youth Protection Training for Boy Scouts.  This is available at and is required to be taken before the 2-year expiration.  However, the owness is on each adult to keep the training current.  Please do not let it expire.  For example, if your YPT is not current when the troop re-registers annually you have to be excluded at the annual troop recharter time until you complete the training and fill out a new adult registration form to rejoin the troop.  No exceptions per National BSA.
  6. has a smartphone app available for Android and iPhone.
  7. Merit badges
    1. These can be worked on at 1pm on Saturdays when Mr. Green is available at the barn for help along with Assistant Scoutmasters and other adult leaders.
    2. If you are interested in becoming a merit badge counselor, please contact someone on the troop committee or come by the troop office in the trailer next to the barn.
    3. Merit badges can also be earned at summer camp, camporees, merit badge universities, and other events.
  8. Contacts - Who is in charge of what?  Go to our troop contacts link on our web site.  Here you will find contact info for the leaders who run various parts of the troop.
  9. Behavior - The BSA does not stand for ‘Baby Sitters of America’.  Adults volunteer to create more and better leaders using the patrol method and the core four principles of Boy Scouting (Oath, Law, Motto, and Slogan).  Please make sure your boy and you are ready for boys leading boys under the direction of our adult leaders.  Bullying or misbehavior may result in dismissal from the event or the troop.
  10. Social Media - The Troop also has a Facebook page called BSATroop137 at and a Twitter account @Troop137.

19 Jul  2018, JRG