Religious Emblems

I have often heard it said that one out of every 100 boys who join Boy Scouts will complete their journey and earn the rank of Eagle. If this is true, then it is even more rare to see an Eagle Scout that has earned one or more of their Religious Emblems of Faith awards. What an accomplishment that must be. To learn more about what it means to be an active member of your church. To learn what is really meant by Duty to God, being reverent, or being morally straight.

What is your calling to God?

Be one of the many who have already started and completed the most prestigious program in Scouting. It won't be easy, but nothing ever is that is truly worth it. Take the next step and find out how you can earn your Religious Emblems of Faith award.

Religious Emblems (Awards) are available for many faiths. They are awarded by the church or other religious body, not by the BSA. Most are recognized by the BSA, and may be worn on the uniform by displaying the Religious Award Knot and, for ceremonial occasions, the Religious Medal.

Adults may wear the youth knot on their adult uniform if they earned the award as a Youth.

Youth Religious Award Knot
Adult Religious Award Knot

The recognized faiths are listed below, with information for getting the materials & requirements necessary to earn the award.

Some awards have different "levels," allowing a Youth to earn the award multiple times. For example, Roman Catholic Cub Scouts may earn the Light of Christ, Webelos Cub Scouts may earn the Parvuli Dei, Boy Scouts may earn the Ad Altari Dei, and Explorer or other senior Scouts may earn the Pope Pius XII.

Only one knot is awarded for any person, even if multiple youth awards (i.e. multiple levels) are earned. "Emblems" (small gold-colored pins) may be worn on the knot if desired.  They identify the different "levels" of the award that were earned by the Youth.  There are emblems for Cub Scouts, Webelos Scouts, Boy Scouts, Explorers, Sea Explorers, and Varsity Scouts. A youth may wear any combination of emblem(s) to show the levels of Religious Award(s) which have been earned. Emblems are not worn on the adult religious knot.

Some of the common religious programs in our area are listed by religion/denomination here. To see a complete list of religious emblem programs, refer to the BSA program pages.

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