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Philmont Trek 2013 - BSA Troop 137

Greetings fellow Scouts and Scouters of the Troop 137!

This web site is dedicated to the events leading up to, information about, and communications for the level II trip to Philmont National BSA Reserve in Cimarron, NM coming up June 26, 2013.  Roger Day is heading up this trip with several other adults of the troop as help in preparations that will lead up to this trek and other backpacking, training, and otherwise active events that will help us 'be prepared' to get as much as we can out the scouting experience.

Below is information that is pertinent to this trip (on-going, visit it regularly).  Check it out!  Please email us at to let us know the project you're interested in this trip or trips leading up to it.

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Philmont 2013 Trek Reference/Info

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