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Philmont 1998

During the last of July 1998 Troop 137 had 33 scouts and leaders trek the mountains of Philmont, mecca of scout trips.  Divided into three crews, each crew selected different treks but each covered about 85 miles and included a high altitude climb.  10 days of being on the trail gave these scouts an adventure they will never forget and will always think back on as they proceed through life.

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Philmont includes a variety of challenges at each overnight camp.  On the left a scout learns the art of scaling a tree or wooden pole with spikes and climbing belt.  Though it looks easy this proves to be quite strenuous.  Other camp activities include archaelogy, astronomy, black powder rifle shooting, blacksmithing, burro racing, fly fishing & tying, 12 gauge shotgun shooting, 30.06 shooting, gold mining, mountain biking, horse riding, rock climbing, first aid, GPS technology, and western lore.


Brent, Jake, and Jason take a rest and take in the view from the Tooth of Time, one of the most memorable features of the scout ranch.  On the floor of the plains below is Tent City where trekkers check in, begin and end their treks.

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Philmont follows a no trace camping policy adopted to fit their needs.  Some 18,000 scouts, explorers and advisors typically experience Philmont each summer.  It is amazing and satisfing to see how pristine the enviroment is kept with this huge amount of traffic that travels through it each summer.   Rangers, staff, and scouts are to congratulated for their dedication to preserving the enviroment.


Your trek takes you from about 6,000 feet in elevation to over 12,500 feet and through many different types of terrain.   Meadows such as these on the right, forest such as shown above, bare rock at the high elevations and many others.  The weather will also show you a variety.   During our trek we experienced hot and dry, cool and wet.  It went from clear and sunny to rain to hail and snow in the few days we were there.

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